Monday, April 14, 2014

Show Time

Show Time

So, in my last blog I explained to you my struggles of acquiring tickets for Beyoncés' show. Now that you can see that I am in, I really want to take you on a virtual tour of what it was like.
SO first, here is the ticket that I managed to get my paws on. Take a gander into the top left corner, yes that says FLOOR as in I will be on the FLOOR at Beyonce. Okay, wanted to make sure you truly understood that. So as my best friend and I are waiting for the show to start, surrounded by Queen Bey enthusiasts, stating at the GIANT sheet on the stage with an EVEN MORE GIANT (backwards) letter "B" on it, we do not know why it was backwards, it truly is as if all of my dreams are about to come true. After some openers that I truly do not remember, the show starts. The screen is filled with lights and sounds and images and all of a sudden…..

There she was. In a perfect ensemble of white fabric with sparkling silver magic-ness all over it and that hair, THE HAIR. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was standing mere yards away from me and all I could do was scream of pure excitement. She emulates everything that is good in the world, a prime example of how beautiful it can be to have so much fame and power and use it to brighten the lives of those around her. Just being near me was making me overjoyed with happiness. 
She went on to sing song after song, "Love On Top," "Heaven," "Single Ladies," and "Uh-Oh" to name a few. When I thought my life could not get much better, it did. As I was standing near the rear end of the floor because it was truly impossible to make my way to the front, I suddenly noticed that there was a smaller, circular stage located behind me. How I had been standing less than 10 feet away from it for almost and hour and a half and had not noticed it is beyond me, but suddenly I was very grateful I was there. In her purple sparkling, Selena-esque, full body length jumpsuit, Beyoncé was headed my way…literally. 
She was literally flying over the crowd and was soon to land arms distance from myself. Now was time for the pushing. I literally forced myself to the guard rail forcibly moving those around me to get the hell out of dodge because absolutely nothing was getting in the way of this moment. Now a quick background fact, I've been lucky enough to meet and talk to numerous musicians. 
The Wanted, The Jonas Brothers, and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to name a few, but nothing in this world could compare to the way I felt when Beyoncé, The Queen, was singing feet away from me. 
I cannot express the pure joy that was running through my veins at this very moment. Imagine someone who you look up and admire most in this world. Don't pick your mom or dad or sibling obviously you have had more than one opportunity to meet them, I'm talking about someone who you have literally wanted to see your entire life, like Queen or Justin Bieber. At 20 years old, this was happening for me, because I was up close and personal with Beyonce. That wind blown hair, obviously due tot he ginormous osculating fans but whatever it looked natural to me, just enhanced the glamour that was already so so evident. Before I knew it she hopped back on her hook like metal swing and was hoisted back to the main stage. 

My time arms length may have ended, but the show was not over yet. She continued to dazzle throughout the night and by the end of the concert I truly had felt like my life had been changed. The show was truly a once in a life time experience that I will never forget. She is an incredible performer with remarkable talent and I am blessed to be able to say I have been to one of her shows.
Until next time Queen Bey.

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